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News of the Lab

30 December 2017: Дмитрий Акимов: Мы увидели процесс, предсказанный 43 года назад
11 August 2017: Открыт новый тип взаимодействия нейтрино с веществом. Что дальше? - сайт НИЯУ МИФИ
11 August 2017: Физики увидели эффект рассеяния нейтрино на ядре атома - Эхо Москвы
11 August 2017: Как нейтринный детектор РЭД-100 поможет обнаружить воровство плутония - РИА Новости
25 April 2017: Университетские субботы: «Поиск темной материи во Вселенной»

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Working process
Working process

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General information about the lab

The structure of the laboratory

Head of the lab
Efremenko Yuriy

Field of researches
Nuclear power engineering and nuclear technologies. Efficiency. energy saving, nuclear power engineering.

Project missions:
New generation neutrino detector, used coherent scattering effect on the xenon heavy nucleus, for sensitivity acceleration to the reactor antineutrino development.

The Main tasks of the project:
Inter-department laboratory of the experimental nuclear physics, which will be used for the perspective detector technologies development , which has important practical sense both for experiment statement which has a fundamental sense and for new detector technologies development, required for the vital practical tasks solution in nuclear power engineering and nuclear medicine development will be created In the NIAU MEPHI. Particularly, new generation compact and effective neutrino detector, using electron antineutrino coherent scattering by heavy xenon nucleus creation task sets. Antineutrino radiation possesses extraordinarily high penetration power, and this is the reason why it carrying an undistorted information about active zone processes, which is enclosed by considerable masses of the constructional materials.

Planed scientific performances:
There is planning to make a model experiment, which demonstrates xenon recoil nucleus register possibility with energies less than 1 kiloelectronvolt by means an emissive detector technology in a liquid xenon samples with mass about a few kg. in the conduct of the current project the experiment will be set by means charge emission detector quasi-monochromatic neutron beam, formed by means an interference filter on the horizontal experimental channel GEK-10 of the IRT MEPHI research reactor.

Mailing address:
NNRU MEPHi, 115409,
Russia, Moscow,
Kashirskoe., 31.
Tel: +7 499 324-87-66